Are nReal your kind of people?

nReal works with Small to Medium Enterprise Developers (SMEDs) and Property Investors to leverage their time and resources and make the most of their opportunities.

We look for gaps in clients’ skillsets and see where to join the dots. We think people would be more satisfied with their business (and life) if they understood what was important to them and focused on that, leaving nReal to fill in the rest.

nReal also brings professional partners to boost you at crucial points in the development & investment journey; including introducing funding, with over £40M in equity raised for clients to date.

If you are time-poor or lack the resources and confidence to focus entirely on your development or investment interests, nReal helps you grow. We don’t like to see anyone waste their time; we can’t make more of it. But using the principles of Other Peoples Time and Knowledge (OPT & OPK), nReal’s client leverage themselves beyond their actual size.

nReal Insights

SMEDs and Investors are very often too busy working in their business, not on it, and they are often reactionary and often:

* They lack a clear VISION of their objectives, ideal product or end-buyer as they’re too wrapped up in the “now”

* They require a structure or MAP to leverage their opportunities and reproduce consistent results; &

* They are unclear of where they sit in the broader market or LANDSCAPE

nReal solves these problems by focusing the client’s time and money to increase their confidence and with it, returns.

About nReal

We take helping our SMEDs and investors seriously, while not taking ourselves too seriously. We enjoy working with like-minded people.

Having renovated and invested in a wide range of property, from student HMOs to Mayfair commercial property, our founder, Michael J Christian has broad experience and a network to match. nReal evolved from his management skills learned in offshore mining, deal structuring from the London commodity markets and personal love for property development and investment.

The n is for ‘Novo’ – Latin for new or refresh; we are a fresh pair of eyes. The real is a play on ‘Real Estate’, and our tagline – ‘Connecting People Has Real Value’. Our logo – a bear, is a nod to the founder’s eldest child – Bear. And in many cultures, the Bear stands for energy, optimism and confidence – all much-needed traits in business.

“Connecting people has real value. It may be intangible, but it could just be our most valuable resource.” MJ Christian, Principal