10 tips for buying your first home – Part 2


Here's Part 2 of my 10 Tips for buying your first home, taken from my newly published book "The First-Time Buyer’s Guide: A road map to buying your first home" gives you a road map to get you going. If you have not read Part 1 yet, head over here to get those five gems.

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To wrap up your Lockdown reading, here's Part 2 of my "Top 10 tips for buying for your first home".

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6. Get Help with Packing

Getting your removals company to pack special items - an antique mirror or a piano for example - is wise. They'll a) know how to do it properly and b) have the professional insurance to cover your treasured item in transit.

But you could save money and pack a lot of your belongings yourself. Ask your friends or family to help you with the packing. Why not say thanks by cooking up a "Pot Luck" supper and combining the packing with point 7 below?

And make sure you clearly label your boxes so you and the removal men know where to put them in the new home. I always put a coloured dot for each room on the floor plans from the estate agent. I then put a coloured sticker on the boxes that need to go into that room.

7. Don't Waste Food

We're acutely aware about food availability, especially at the moment. The last thing we should be doing is wasting food.

Try and use up all of the perishable food in your fridge and freezer before you move home. Dried and canned goods too as they can be a bit of a pain to shift (and pay to shift).

If this isn't feasible, donate unopened tins or other dried goods to food banks or homeless shelters.

It's also a great idea to order a small food shop to be delivered to your new home for a slot once you're moved in. You'll have fresh milk and bread and spend less on takeaway or eating out after moving in. Just remember to update your address on the food delivery service!

8. Update and Compare your Utility Providers

Remember to take meter readings (including a photograph of the meters) in your old place.

Do the same with the water, gas and electric meter readings when you move into your new home so you don't pay for the seller's usage.

Now is also a great time to compare providers and switch if you find a better deal.

9. Redirect Mail

Identity fraud is a very real thing - make sure you contact the Royal Mail and set up a mail redirect.

Yes, it'll cost you a little bit of money but nothing compared to the pain of having your new credit card or identity stolen by whoever ends up in your old place.

10. Let everyone know you have moved

You'll want to let people know your new address. Some because you have to, others because you'd like to. Here's a suggested list:

☐ Bank or building society (remember pensions, ISA, premium bonds too)

☐ Local council (current and new, if different)

☐ Credit card providers

☐ Internet and streaming services

☐ TV license

☐ Mobile phone provider

☐ Utility companies

☐ Home and contents insurance provider (remember cars and pet too)

GP & Dentist

☐ DVLA (your driving license)

☐ Electoral register

☐ Your boss


Buying your first home comes with almost-guaranteed lows but ultimately a great high. Get planning now and take onboard some of my advice, I promise, it will be easier.

That said, I should stress, "I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one on the Internet". My caveat is that any answers I have are drawn from my own (pretty extensive) experience. I hope they've been of some help?

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