Powerful Advice Successful Property Investors Should Think About for 2021

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What are your 2021 property goals?

What are your property investment or development goals for 2021? And have you started to map out where you want to be this time next year? Or are you struggling to see the wood for the trees? Don't worry - you are not alone. There is a number one mistake at the heart of underperforming property businesses. And that is failing to recognise and build upon what they love.

Could you repeat your success?

Do you work in a structured way? Is there a process that each development or investment goes through? A recognised & reliable 'panel' of professionals? And a clear handle on your project cash flows? If you answer 'no' to one or more of these categories, then you are probably winging it and not treating your property business as seriously as you could.

That's ok early on, but not if you're serious about achieving a genuine legacy through developing or investing. If you are, then start implementing repeatable processes. That way, you're not leaving it all not down to luck. Start treating your property activities as a business, not a hobby or trust me, things will come back and bite you.

Who is in your corner?

nReal works with small-scale Property Developers & Investors, leveraging their time and resources to make the most of their opportunities. We recognise their strengths and passions and allow them to keep focussing on them. nReal then fill the gaps.

Our clients may not be getting the returns they want, or they struggle to scale up the size or number of projects they undertake. We cut through our clients' overwhelm and find powerful solutions that enable them to spend more time on what they love.

We make sure they’re clear on their vision, and they have a map to get there. By leveraging a client's existing resources and time, our goal is to see them make more of their opportunities and achieve better outcomes.

Want to know more?

We establish repeatable systems & structures, from funding models to project modelling. We introduce a network of professionals to fill the gaps in your skillset – “Connecting People has Real Value“.

nReal gets you focused, takes away the overwhelm and gets you leveraging your time more effectively and helps you add to your bottom line.

nReal are currently selecting our clients for the first intake of 2021; if you would like to learn more, connect with our founder, Michael J Christian. We can take it from there.

Property Investing 101

Meantime, if you are wondering how to take that next step on your property journey you could do worse than watching the video below. David Hannah, who heads up Cornerstone, gives his advice on purchasing a UK investment property.

Founded in 2006, Cornerstone has been specialising in property tax for more than a decade. Working with solicitors, accountants and private clients, Cornerstone has emerged as the leading property tax authority in the UK.


"HMRC has changed what has been termed ‘incorrect guidance online’, meaning that property investors and developers could be owed hundreds of thousands of pounds in stamp duty refunds.

The guidance surrounds the 3% stamp duty surcharge introduced in 2016, on the acquisition of second homes or residential properties that were bought for investment purposes. HMRC issued guidance that this also applied to Multiple Dwellings Relief claims, even if they were not wholly residential.

Consequently, those who have paid 3% stamp duty surcharge on a mixed-use multiple dwellings relief claim since 2016 “will be entitled to a refund”, according to David Hannah, chairman and chief executive of Cornerstone Tax."

Read the full Property Industry Eye article here.

With their team of tax consultants, chartered accountants, solicitors and barristers, you can be sure Cornerstone will deliver trusted advice and see your property tax is done correctly. No-fuss. No complicated processes. No hidden fees. If there’s a claim, they’ll find it. It really is that simple.