Blue Pill or Red Pill?

Red Pill Blue Pill

Who as a kid or parent hasn't heard that they or their progeny should be working on their weaknesses? This superficially well-meaning statement stems from quite a manipulative place.

During the Industrial Revolution and then the Information Revolution (focused mostly on the service-based industry), there was a continuous requirement for uniformity amongst workers and employees.

Much like the industrial or informational production lines they worked on, as one employee reached the end of their work-life, there were plenty more coming along the conveyor belt behind them.

But we're entering into a very different age and revolution - that of the entrepreneur. Computing, information, globalisation of markets are all leading to so many more us being able to create our personal economies.

Throw in a global pandemic and even those with their heads in the sand cannot fail to see the precarious nature of the traditional workplace.

As Founder of nReal, I've always been aware of the "Red Pill / Blue Pill" dichotomy, and know which side I want nReal & it's Partners to sit.

Life is too short to waste time working on your weaknesses. Besides, it dulls the skills at which you excel, with the result just being 'average'. And nobody wants to be just average.

What if you identified what you are passionate about and love to do? What if you found someone else to plug the gaps when it comes to what you hate or are not that good at?

nReal looks for gaps in clients' skillsets and see where to join the dots. We think people would be more satisfied with their business (and life) if they understood what was important to them and focused on that, leaving nReal to fill in the rest.

What we do

nReal works with SME Property Developers and Investors to leverage their time and resources and make the most of their opportunities. Identifying where they lack time, passion or knowledge, we bring in skills, tools and professional associates to fill these gaps.

nReal cuts through our Partners' overwhelm and find powerful solutions that enable them to spend more time on what they love.

We make sure they're clear on their vision, and they have a map to get there. By leveraging the Partner's existing resources and time, our goal is to see them make more of their opportunities and achieve better outcomes.

Why we do it

We want to see more people focus on what they love, and use their most precious resource, time, more effectively.

We think a binary win/lose model comes from scarcity and destroys teamwork. Shifting the paradigm, we want to show collaboration and a win/win model yields more sustainable results. We always say, "Connecting People Has Real Value". 

Founded by Michael J Christian, nReal is a real estate consultancy. Applying skills learned through diamond mining in Africa, London's commodity markets, & working with High Net Worth Individuals, we deliver outcomes for property developers & investors through our APEx, Etc. & Groundworks Programs.